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ד"ר עירית ניצן

הפקולטה לניהול ע"ש קולר עמית הוראה
ד"ר עירית ניצן
טלפון פנימי: 03-6408191
פקס: 03-6406321

מידע כללי

חוקרת בתחום השיווק ובוגרת הפקולטה לניהול. בוגרת הנדסת תעשיה באוניברסיטת תל אביב ובעברה שמשה בתפקידי ניהול בחברת סלקום. עוסקת במחקר בתחומי ניהול קשרי הלקוחות (CRM) ושיווק שירותים, ובפרט בהשפעות חברתיות המתרחשות ברשתות חברתיות של צרכנים.

Fields of Research

My research focuses on issues related to the long-term relationships between firms and their customers (CRM). Specifically, I am interested in exploring the dynamics and eventually the termination of such relationships (i.e., defection decisions). I explore the role of social systems and purchase-related variables (e.g., multiple payments) as antecedents of defection, and identify the conditions under which defection is most likely to occur.


Published Papers

Nitzan, Irit, and Barak Libai (2011), “Social Effects on Customer Retention,” Journal of Marketing, 75 (6), 24-38.

Earlier version appeared in MSI working papers series, report number 10-107.

Finalist in both contribution to marketing theory – and - contribution to the practice of marketing categories for the AMA best JM paper award, 2012


Irit Nitzan and Danit Ein-Gar (2019), “The “Commitment Projection” Effect: When Multiple Payments for a Product Affect Defection from a Service", Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.



Papers Under Review

"Cross-decision Social Effects in Product Adoption and Defection Decisions", with Vardit Landsman
International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM), Conditional Acceptance.


"Marketing Exclusion: Negative Effects of Loyalty Programs’ Preferential Treatment on Unprivileged Customers’ Belonging and Behavior", 
with Danna Tevet (IDC) and Shai Danziger (Tel Aviv University)
3rd round - Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP)


"The Positive Effect of Consumer Captivity", with Yael Steinhart, Jacob Goldenberg and David Mazursky, 
2nd round – Journal of Management

"Group Consumption and Word-of-Mouth", with Talia Rymon (IDC) and Jehoshua Eliashberg (Wharton)
2nd round  - Journal of Service Research (JSR)


Working Papers

“Cancellation Policy as a Signal of Trust and Quality in the Sharing Economy: The Case of Airbnb”, with Lior Zalmanson (Haifa University) and Davide Proserpio (USC).

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